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« Up To Flux Quiz apprenons à nous connaître chercheur « Up To Flux Quiz apprenons à nous connaître startup Nouvelle-Aquitaine Gironde Bordeaux » »

Researchers constantly discuss, expose and transmit all or part of their work. Communicating is one of the aspects of their profession, an essential action. Answering a reporter's interviews, preparing a presentation material for a conference or seminar, posting information on social media, for example, can be time-consuming and uninteresting. At Up To Flux, you will find conscientious, rigorous communication professionals and good advice on the communication strategies to adopt and exploit to enhance and publicize your work.

« Up To Flux Quiz apprenons à nous connaître chercheur Nouvelle-Aquitaine Gironde Bordeaux »

As Élise Aspord and Éric Dacheux explain in their book "La communication, point aveugle du métier de chercheur", researchers generally consider communication as a constraint and an obligation, a seductive, simplifying, useless and overrated action. In short, it is tainted with all the vices. But if we assume that everything communicates and that communicating is an action that consists of transmitting, of being in relation with the other, of exchanging, of relating, and of exposing information, communication is natural and unavoidable. At Up To Flux, we will help you understand our business so that you can, in turn, value yours, your work and develop your relationships.
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