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I have never delegated communication from my company. I do not know if I have a sufficient budget?

Let’s start by meeting with each other and setting priorities together. We will then propose solutions adapted to your budget.

I have just started my activity (or my company is in progress). Is it not too early to communicate?

No. Either your business is already on track and communicating will certainly represent an investment but nevertheless many benefits. Either you still think about your strategy and in this case, anticipate and think the communication will certainly reveal knots to undo.

My company communicates little. Is communicating effective?

Yes. Communication is a subset of your marketing plan, which is a subset of your business plan. Ignoring it would abort your plans. The communication relies on many methods, including performance indicators and calculation of the return on investment.

The activity or products of my company are in a niche market or very technical. Why communicate?

Every business must conquer its market or markets. Communication is a performance lever that you have to use to position yourself, develop and make yourself visible.

My company works on confidential files. Is it possible to communicate discreetly?

Yes. Not only has Up To Flux clearly defined its privacy policy and reflected on the values it believes in, but in addition, its strategies frame each of its projects, their timing and especially their targets.

Up To Flux is a Bordeaux-based company, how are we going to build a close link?

Up To Flux is connected and mobile. We are committed to reserving time for listening, exchange and accompaniment in the field. Up To Flux also likes to travel great distances or ways to reduce them according to your budget.

Are your press communication campaigns targeted?

Yes. It is the basics of the trade.

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