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Up To Flux is a « micro-enterprise » created in 2019. 

Up To Flux is a company surrounded by its sponsors, a network of reporters, successful business partners and creative, qualified and quality service providers.

In the medium term, Up To Flux will be developed to change its status, create jobs, diversify its talents, and support a larger number of clients.

Its leader is a transparent, exemplary, responsible and ethical leader.

Main activity: communication consulting

Up To Flux is above all a communication strategy consulting company. 

His focus is on issues, then ideas, before focusing his recommendations on projects, supported by techniques and methods experienced, excellent knowledge of media and software pros.

As a result of its analysis, Up To Flux can control your projects or realize them according to its resources.

Mobile, with a powerful dynamism, strong skills and flawless energy, Up To Flux offers its services on a national and international level.

Expertise: press and public relations

The expertise of Up To Flux is based on press and public relations: an exciting, swirling activity, requiring experience, organization, rules, the customer contact, and finally, networks of reporters, opinion leaders and influencers.

Opt for news

In the context of press relations, Up To Flux clients are companies or personalities, who opt for information according to objectives: to acquire or develop a notoriety; defend positions; to publicize a subject, a brand or a product. The function of press relations is to offer media, professional, community, public, and financial support.

And to finish…

At Up To Flux, we also carry out some commercial/business communication projects.

Welcome to Up To Flux!

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