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Up To Flux is a « micro-enterprise » created in 2019. 

Up To Flux is a company surrounded by its sponsors, a network of reporters, successful business partners and creative, qualified and quality service providers.

In the medium term, Up To Flux will be developed to change its status, create jobs, diversify its talents, and support a larger number of clients.

Its leader is a transparent, exemplary, responsible and ethical leader.

Main activity: communication consulting

Up To Flux is above all a communication strategy consulting company. 

His focus is on issues, then ideas, before focusing his recommendations on projects, supported by techniques and methods experienced, excellent knowledge of media and software pros.

As a result of its analysis, Up To Flux can control your projects or realize them according to its resources.

Mobile, with a powerful dynamism, strong skills and flawless energy, Up To Flux offers its services on a national and international level.

Expertise: press and public relations

The expertise of Up To Flux is based on press and public relations: an exciting, swirling activity, requiring experience, organization, rules, the customer contact, and finally, networks of reporters, opinion leaders and influencers.

Opt for news

In the context of press relations, Up To Flux clients are companies or personalities, who opt for information according to objectives: to acquire or develop a notoriety; defend positions; to publicize a subject, a brand or a product. The function of press relations is to offer media, professional, community, public, and financial support.

And to finish…

At Up To Flux, we also carry out some commercial/business communication projects.

Welcome to Up To Flux!


« Virgine Hunzinger dirigeant Up To Flux conseil communication expert relations presse publics France Gironde Bordeaux Nouvelle-Aquitaine »
Virgine Hunzinger, Officer Up To Flux, Communications Consultant, Press and Public Relations Expert
Crédit photo : photo©Up To Flux

Graduated from the University of Human Sciences in Strasbourg and from a communication school in Lyon, Virginie Hunzinger has spent most of her professional career as a consultant in Parisian marketing and communications consulting firms.

She worked individually or in teams on global communication projects, including digital. She has developed a real know-how in press and public relations. Rather positioned on b to b issues, she also has the experience of public communication.

Curious, addicted to the news, whatever the media, she has an economic culture, as well as a sectoral culture that allows her to work on any communication issues. She carries out each project in order to succeed.

At 46 years old, passionate about her profession, having cultivated an ideal and ambitions, she devoted herself to the creation and organization of Up To Flux with great determination.

Virginie Hunzinger aims to become a productive, experienced, ever-evolving round, launching information and expressive communication campaigns to awaken numb minds, spark projects, make decisions and break down walls.


« Stanislas d'Anthonay Président Ellipse Afficahge, Président club entrepreneurs CCI Bordeaux Gironde »
Stanislas d’Anthonay, Président d’Ellipse Affichage Aquitaine Crédit photo : photographe ©Alain Caboche

Stanislas d’Anthonay, President/CEO of Ellipse Affichage Aquitaine, an involved media man

After a stint in the famous BDDP agency (today TBWA), Stanislas d’Anthonay continued his career by creating and operating several multiplexes of cinemas in France for the Pathé Group. He was then Operations Director of several tourist sites that welcomed up to one million visitors a year in Touraine.

Today, Stanislas d’Anthonay is at the head of Ellipse Affichage, a leading indoor display company in Aquitaine; expert company in print and digital display solutions, also in outdoor.

Ellipse Affichage is a partner of the « Girondins de Bordeaux, Union Bordeaux Bègles » and the famous « Bordeaux tennis club La Villa Primrose ».

Stanislas d’Anthonay is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Bordeaux-Gironde Chamber of Entrepreneurs, as well as a member of the CCI Bordeaux-Gironde.

« Up To Flux parrain Didier Barnabé coach sportif France Nouvelle-Aquitaine Gironde Bordeaux »
Didier Barnabé, Entraîneur sportif Crédit photo : photo©Didier Mortelecq

Didier Barnabé, Sports trainer, a man of support and a considerate person

Didier Barnabé is 49 years old. Passionate about handball, the second collective sport in France, he is from Bar-sur-Seine (10).

Former national level handball player, he has played in clubs ASSP (53) and Stella Saint-Maur (94).

Although he coached for eight years at a regional level, notably at HBC Créon, he also founded, in 2013, the PhB (Pompignac handball club), creating his administrative, legal and sports structure. The club has won three Gironde championship titles and five consecutive victories to step up for superior leagues. Then he coached a women’s team from PE2M with whom he won a new title of champion of Gironde.

Next season, he will lead the team of ASPOM Bègles ( national level), historical club of the Bordeaux metropolis, with a new goal, that of maintaining its current level.

His motto: “I do not fight against a particular opponent but against the idea of losing. (Pierre de Coubertin, French historian and pedagogue, initiator of the first modern Olympics organized in Athens in 1896.)

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