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Branding – Notoriety – Reputation

External communication: company – brand – product

  • Analyze and anticipate risks
  • Get visual recognition
  • To acquire or develop a reputation
  • Gain visibility, credibility
  • Reassure its stockholderss, financial partners and investors
  • Build relationships while enhancing your brand image and managing your reputation
  • Achieving a business purpose
  • Building customer loyalty
  • -Recruit


  • Transmitting the values ​​of the company, its rules and visions
  • Empowering employees in their role
  • Federate employees within a collective project
  • Reassure on the economic conditions ofthe company
  • Inform the top management about the situation, the social climate
  • Encourage exchanges, sharing, the transmission of know-how, skills and feedback
  • Help recruit
  • Provide intelligence markets and competition
  • Interact
  • Retain

Communicate is to invest! Any communication operation must be profitable. There are also companies specialized in this field of activity. Please note that at Up To Flux, we have a culture of results and that any project will be accompanied by the establishment of indicators to measure its effectiveness and results.


Build relationships with its publics in order to promote its brand image, its reputation and to work on its reputation

  • To create interest
  • Interact
  • Develop affinities
  • Develop confidence, value, a competitive advantage
  • Federate
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Grow

The results of a public relations operation are measurable. There are many indicators.


To acquire or develop a reputation

  • Find professional, community, public, public or financial support
  • Defend positions
  • Publicize a topic or product

In principle, press relations are not subject to results. Indeed, journalists remain masters of the subjects they choose to deal with, depending on topics that are defined or prioritized by editors, publishers or the news itself. However, press relations generate and establish contacts and discussions with journalists, just as they can generate visibility in the press through articles, interviews, reports or even programs… Either frequency and multiplication (according to issues of interest and relevance) or quality (according to everyone’s expectations).



To measure the quality and results of a public relations operation, Up To Flux refers to different indicators specific to each project. They are defined before any campaign. Nevertheless, the most used indicators are: the measure of the visibility and the audience, the referencing, the attachment, the opinion and the contribution of activity.


At Up To Flux, press relations are an expertise. Not only do we have a perfect knowledge of the written press, radio, tv and online (editorial line, engagement and audience) but in addition, we know exactly what a journalist needs for a successful relationship.

At Up To Flux, you’ll get, after an audit or interview, advices, targeting, formatted press materials, impactful and well-written contents, and a retroplanning. You will be represented to journalists or put in touch with them, according to a strategy.

Depending on the objectives defined in its strategy, Up To Flux provides you with activity reports and / or quantitative and qualitative analyzes of your press coverage, according to previously defined indicators – including the necessary audiences, accompanied by advertising-value figures or not.

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